As part of my fifteen years’ experience, I have used counselling and psychotherapy west wickham as part of the treatment for a wide variety of personality and psychological disorders. It is my belief that psychotherapy works particularly well in the treatment of a variety of addictions.

Addiction is classed as “the inability to stop repetitive behaviour in spite of the harmful consequences” and although addictions come in a wide variety, the most common forms are to alcohol, drugs, eating, gambling, sex and spending. Newer forms of addiction may also involve pornography.

It is estimated that some 2 million people in the UK suffer from an addiction of some form and although many of the consequences of their addiction are harmful, they are unable to stop or limit their behaviour.

There are a number of schools of thoughts on why some people suffer from addictions and whilst some believe that there are simply those with addictive personalities who find themselves unable to curb any kind of behaviour to within safe or sensible limits, others believe that some form of trauma or unresolved event may be to blame for the addiction starting.

We use psychotherapy as a way of treating addictions, to whatever they may involve, firstly to address the illness and its’ existence but secondly to acknowledge the needs and reasons behind the illness.

Because different people have varying degrees of addiction, no two treatment plans are the same. Therefore, at the start of any course of psychotherapy, we will discuss the patients’ needs and the right way to address their addiction. One of the many ways in which psychotherapy varies from traditional counselling is that it is an ideal treatment for groups of people. Therefore, if your addiction has had negative consequences for family members, they can become part of your therapy and treatment too.

It is possible to beat an addiction with the right treatment, and if you believe that psychotherapy can help you to conquer your circumstances, contact me Sarah Rutter Counselling today.


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